M10 Earbuds


M10 Damix original wireless headphones Bluetooth 5.3 stereo 9D powerbank
M10 Bluetooth headphones ❤️
3000mah powerbank you use to forget to charge ⚡️
delivery available ❗️
To order, send your name, address and phone number, whatsapp us on 020 030 1899
The headset has many features:
✅Headphones work 4-6 hours straight
✅50MAh battery each headset
✅ Through the earphone box you can charge your phone in case of emergency
✅ Powered by Bluetooth technology v 5.3
✅ loud and clear sound
✅ The earphone can be charged with its case for more than 8 times
✅ Waterproof and sweat resistant with IPX7 technology and very good for athletes
✅ It has a 3000 MAh Power Bank
✅ it has a great design
✅ Excellent for games and without sound delay
✅ Turn music on, off, and change by touch
✅ Answer and reject calls by touch
✅ It works 10-12 meters away from the phone

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The 5.3 chip manages battery life very well. It adopts a Bluetooth V5. 1 chip, 10m connection distance, stable performance, high transmission, low consumption, and strong compatibility. They are ergonomically designed for a more comfortable fit on the auricle.



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