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Lose Belly Fat Easily With These 7 Tips!

So like many people out here in Ghana, you have always wondered how to reduce belly fat. Having too much belly fat makes it difficult for you to fit in your clothes and also has many adverse effects on your health as well. But it doesn’t have to be the case! You can easily get rid of belly fat with these seven (7) easy steps!

Make sure you consume lots of soluble fibre

You know why soluble fiber is so important in your journey to reduce belly fat? It absorbs water and forms a gel that helps slow down food as it moves through your digestive system after it is ingested. This makes you feel full as such you do not have the desire to eat too much. By not eating too much, you will consume less calories and also begin to lose belly fat. So what are the sources of these soluble fibres? Flaxseed is a good example. You can order it directly from a retailer in Ghana right here. Avocados and legumes like beans are also good sources as well.

Make sure you reduce your carbohydrate intake

Yes we know you love your yams, refined rice and other carbohydrate rich foods. But the issue is, in order to get rid of belly fat, you need to reduce the intake of such foods drastically. You can replace these carbohydrate foods that make you put on weight with healthy carbohydrate sources like whole grains and vegetables.

Using Coconut Oil Is Also Helpful

For those wondering how to reduce belly fat, know that coconut oil is one of the healthiest fats you can consume. Many studies show that the medium chain fats found in coconut oil may boost metabolism and also reduce the amount of fat you store thus helping you get rid of belly fat. You can easily get coconut oil in Ghana.

Intermittent Fasting

On your Journey to getting rid of belly fat, intermittent fasting can be very helpful. Basically, you choose to fast from eating for a period of time and then eat within a specific period of time. Some fast sixteen (16) hours daily and give themselves an eight (8) hour window to eat. Others fast for twenty-four (24) hours twice a week. This has proven to help in weight loss in general.

Green Tea Is Helpful As Well

Drinking green tea is a great way to lose weight and also decrease body fat. It contains caffeine and the antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). These two aid in boosting metabolism. EGCG in particular is a catching and reserch suggest that it may be effective in decrasing belly fat and body fat in general. Want to know where to buy green tea in Ghana? Just click this

Stop drinking fruit juice

In wondering how to reduce belly fat, many people think fruit juice is a good remedy. They couldn’t be further from the truth! Fruit juice contains vitamins and minerals but it also has high sugar content and this can make you put on weight and increase belly fat too. So stop or reduce your intake of fruit juice!

Exercise, Exercise,Exercise!

You can never run away from it! Exercising regularly, about four to five times a week is a good way to lose belly fat and fat on the body in general. Running, walking briskly, aerobics, crunches and others come in handy when trying to get rid of fat! Aim to work out at least 30 to 45 minutes each day or four to five times each week.

So for those wondering how to reduce belly fat, follow these easy steps and let’s hear about your results!


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