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4 sexy phrases that drive women wild in bed

Just like how men appreciate being complimented on their performance in bed, women also want to hear all the nicest things you’ve got for her.


Things that excite women may look drastically different from what arouses men, but the fact is both counterparts like being praised for their sexual moves. While for men, it’s more of appreciation for their sexual performance, for women it’s the pampering and sweet compliments that hold the key to pleasure.

There are some words, phrases, and speech styles, which have that effect on women and they do trigger a sensuous response.

Once you have mastered these, you will rule over your woman for sure. So, scroll down to know the phrases that will drive your woman wild in bed.

  • You smell good

Knowing your fragrance smells absolutely amazing is indeed very delightful. Getting a compliment from your man for the same is even better. Women would love nothing more than to know that they smell amazing during sex. Smell acts as an aphrodisiac during pleasure.

  • You are good at this

Telling a woman that she is really good at sexual activities ongoing will definitely prepare her for some mind-blowing sex. Whether she’s great on top or gives great hand jobs, women would love their men to compliment them on their skills. They will really appreciate it.

  • You turn me on

The key to a woman’s confidence is to tell her she looks amazing naked and is great at sex. When a man shows how much he is enjoying sex with her and is also vocal about the fact that his woman turns him on so fast and so good, it’s a bonus point.

  • You look good in that dress

Women love it when men compliment their outfits especially if they have put a lot of effort into getting ready for their man. She’ll feel appreciated, and you’ll come off as a positive, considerate person

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